HIGHVIBE Network: a platform designed to empower the creator

In a series of various articles, we are going to dive into the numerous HIGHVIBE’s use cases and utilities.

Today’s focus will be on how HIGHVIBE empowers authors and creators.

HIGHVIBE network, a hub for content creators

HIGHVIBE network brings together premium content and experiences from leading authors, creators, curators, and links it with cutting edge incentive programs.

Platform revenues are generated through subscriptions, product purchases, advertising and events, and we reward users monetarily with the HIGHVIBE ($VIBES) Token for participation on the platform (such as minting NFTs, completing courses, listening to immersive audio tracks, writing good content, voting, commenting, rating products, bringing new users to the site, etc.).

The $VIBES Token in turn allows users to purchase products, programs, events, and subscriptions within the ecosystem, and also create their own digital assets, and monetise their creations.

HIGHVIBE smart contract layer: the key to unlock fair payments and smart royalties for creators.

HIGHVIBE network will leverage smart contracts that automate key functions. Distributed consensus networks maintain a canonical history of their state transitions, providing an extremely powerful technology that is resilient to single points of failure and can structure any kind of organization.

Since blockchain is an open system facilitating a public service, HIGHVIBE smart contracts ensure authors, curators, curators, affiliates and users are paid correctly, fairly, and transparently in accordance with the majority consensus and agreed upon rules of interaction. Thanks to that, authors and content creators will also get a portion of the rewards generated on the network.

Our smart contract library will enable mainstream usage for non-technical users to use for a myriad of use cases.

How can I learn more about HighVibe?

Follow us on Twitter @highvibenetwork, Telegram @highvibenetwork & Discord and check our website https://www.HIGHVIBE.network/ regularly as we are about to release a sequence of updates throughout this year including our official whitepaper and key information regarding the $VIBES private sale.

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